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A Rives Rennolds Architect


Gambrel House
Taber Hill House
Akin Hill House
Farm House
Pond House
Pool House
Quaker Hill House
Bronxville House


Carnegie Hill Apartment
East Side Apartment
Village Apartment
Village Loft
Flatiron Loft Office

Sited on a sloping pasture with fieldstone walls and dramatic views west, this L shaped house is a hybrid interpretation of a 19th century farmhouse built incrementally over time with distinct 20th century elements Divided into 3 sections- a 24' x 36' double height library/living room with a mezzanine/study, a central portion which houses the kitchen and master bedroom above, and at right angles, the bedroom wing. At the back of the house, a large L shaped covered porch faces west and south. The three main volumes are differentiated in height, and in exterior cladding, the center is board and batten with the two flanking wings in clapboard. The window typology further illustrates the mix of styles- formal French doors and clerestory windows in the library are juxtaposed with grids of glass at the kitchen window seat and the staircase.

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